Foreign Affairs

About the brand

Foreign Affairs is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand with focus on arty and effortless designs. The universe of Foreign Affairs is inspired by traveling the world and each sweater design is created around a great travel moments. From catching a taxi during Paris fashion week, to enjoying an Aprés ski drink in Chamonix.

The sweaters are right for any occasion and every destination - be it adventure, business, relaxation or pleasure. They are easy to wear and easy to care for. The sweaters are not based on short termed trends but work beautifully across the seasons.

The designs are classic with eye catching and edgy artworks. The playful artworks are created especially for Foreign Affairs in collaboration with London- based graffiti artist Simon Rachwan.

“It`s all about dreams” says founder and creative director Maria Meilgaard.

Material and Production

All our 100% Merino wool and 100 % Cashmere yarns are pure and environmental friendly, no acrylic or nylon mix.

Merino Yarn
The origin source of our 100% Super fine Merino yarn is New Zealand. All the merino yarns are non-mulesed and there is no harm to the sheep.

Cashmere Yarn
The origin source of our 100% Cashmere yarn is from Inner Mongolia. All the cashmere yarns are non- mulesed and there is no harm to the sheep. The factory is located in a small town south of Kathmandu. The factory have more than 70% women in their workforce. Most of our work is done in hand flatbed knit machines and other manually operating machines.

The production of Foreign Affairs sweaters are made to order, which means that we do not produce for wastage.

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